Export-Import Trade Management

Explore Ventures, Inc. offers Trade Management services for its worldwide B2B customers, so then its B2B customers can focus on their B2C customers. Our ultimate goal is the full satisfaction of the end users of the products. No matter how we define, our ultimate goal is to the satisfaction of the end users of the product.

EV Trade Managers are very efficient, advance knowledge of the products and services in the Export-Import Trade Management services. We successfully guide your products to arrive through a very complex transit process to your ultimate destination. We also make sure that you can market and sell your product in your country successfully with a higher profit margin. We keep eye on your products so you do not have to worry.

We make sure the following task get completed safely and securely:

i.    We act as your Product and Trade Management Representative,
ii.    We can source your product in multiple countries for you to pick the right products,
iii.    After sourcing your product you instruct us when to produce or manufacture that product,
iv.    We will make sure your products get produced or manufacture according to your instruction,
v.    We will make sure that the product is properly labeled and packaged for your countries rules and regulations,
vi.    marketing and advertising for your Products in your country,
vii.    preparing all Logistics matter for Export-Import:

       Product Inspection for Export-Import,
        Government Regulations,
        Proper Documentation,
        Customs Requirements,
        Security Initiatives,
        Ocean freight and air freight shipping,
        Customs for Export and Import,
        Warehousing and Storage,

viii.     proper shipping quality packaging for Air or Ocean Freight,
ix.       find the best shipping rate,
x.        inspecting your Products with assurance,
xi.       find best International Insurance policy on your products with a best rate,
xii.      Quality Assurance at the production before even product is ready for shipment,
xiii.     arranging Shipment that fits your needs,
xiv.     loading and unloading your products,
xv.      make sure to follow all International Trade Laws and Customs clearing process,
xvi.     from classification to clearance and post-entry services,
xvii.    our proven processes ensure that procedures are followed properly and
xviii.   regulations and requirements are met the first time,
xix.     getting “Country of Origin” certificate for your products,
xx.      synchronized Tariff classifications,
xxi.     completing the proper customs documentation via our licensed World Wide Customs Clearings Agents,
xxii.    delivering your product to your single or multiple  warehouse door,
xxiii.    make sure that all duties and Tariffs are paid accordingly so you do not have any surprise at a later stage,
xxiv.    we manage all transaction by utilizing latest cutting edge computerized technology,
xxv.     we want to make sure that your customers are happily satisfied,
xxvi.    we make sure that you can represent exactly like a multi-billion dollars company,
xxvii.   In addition, of course we want your repeated business.  

The EV Trade Management Team can assist you with anything from your product preparation for shipping, country of origin rules, to synchronized Tariff classifications, to completing the proper customs documentation via our licensed World Wide Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearings services to delivery to your warehouse door.

When exporting or importing goods to your country, Explore Ventures, Inc is your experienced partner that understands the confusing International trading process. We can assist you with your every expected products routs.  We guide you from packaging to your door. We will take care of your shipments through the process, shorten the supply chain, cut costs and keep your business running smoothly. We guarantee our products and services to you.

Explore Ventures is your single source for Export-Import Trading Business. We will support your import-export needs with vast network of expertize in the Export-Import businesses. Over the years, we have established a trusted network of international shipping and customs trading services worldwide. Our partners work in tandem with providing you with reliable and innovative Export-Import solutions.

Explore Ventures has an international network with that offers an Export-Import Trading Management Services that you can count on for reliable and innovative solutions to get your goods to or from nearly any destination worldwide.
Import or Export your product with confidence!