About Us

Explore Ventures offers a diverse range of commodity products and services to businesses on a global scale. We trade various commodity products around the world. Our Shah family is in this business since 1891. Mr Akbar Ali Shah originally founded this company in the eastern part India. Over the years with a long family history company grown up from a tiny storefront in Kolkata, India to a global company and established branches in 43 countries. Our long experience in the trading world makes us pioneer of world trade.

Through our vast network of associates, traders, manufacturer, producers, suppliers and refineries, we are a trusted partner to both sellers and buyers.

The company sources its products from reliable farmers, producers, miners, refineries and manufacturers. We have scaled new heights in providing the best quality in the constant volatile market.

We have a history of offering the best products in the most effortless process. Our understanding to customer’s specific needs and offering tailor-made solutions has made us a company with unique distinction.

We continuously strive to evolve our scope and expand to the new era of Export and Import commodity products. Our Traders are very professional in the commodities trading. Wherever our customers need for a product, we try to reach that impossible to make it possible! We try our best to provide our clients with the very best service, both on the domestic front in the United States, India, China and Internationally by building bridge among nations and overcome with cultural and language barriers.

Whether you are buying, selling, or looking for partners, doing business in the far east region, Indian subcontinent, middle east, China or Russia requires an experienced team and on-site personnel in order to be efficient and you want to maximize your profit opportunities while minimizing risks. Explore Ventures provides the vital link that spans the bridge of language, culture, social communication and their trading practice. We bring you within very closed to your reach of the world’s fastest developing market and their agricultural and commodity products. Our network of producers, suppliers and manufacturers are always makes us confident that we can grow along with the needs and demands of your business and supply you with products that you need.

Our People, our traders, our Account Managers and all our associates are our utmost important assets, We put our team to work for you and access the market and labor force of over several billion people. The time is now to invest in the future, and get your share of the profits from the next wave of development in the exploding emerging market.

We export or import bulk quantity of commodity products. Our line of products include various types of edible Cooking Oil, Corn, Rice, Lentils, non-ferrous raw Metals, Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, and Rare Earth Elements.  Most cases they have to be at least a 20 ft. long container load. We provide our customers an end-to-end solution. Therefore, we have established worldwide a huge network of Freight Forwarders, Clearing Agents, arranging for our buyers Line of Credits or Investment Capital with Banks and various private Funding sources, shipping carriers such as international Air cargo, Rail and domestic Trucking freights.

We source, buy, sell, and supply our products to the major wholesalers and distributors and offer only the very best that the commodities market has to offer. Please visit our product line by clicking on our “Products” menu on this website to learn more about our line of products and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have via our “Contact Us” page or you may contact one of our Account Manager to assist you.